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dallas army pouch Large

dallas army pouch Large

35 USD
Dallas Pouch The patented dallas pouch belt-free, light weight multi-use pouch that compliments every travellers companion with strong zipper providing a secure hold. The pouch can carry cell phones, keys, waste bags, inhalers and EpiPens. It features two pockets including an credit card slot pocket, keeping your phone or any other item dry and safe. the dallas pouch is made to fit most popular phones, including the iPhone 5 & 6 and Samsung Galaxy S V. Key Features 1. Inside pocket for mobile. 2. Pocket for documents . 3. inside pocket with credit cards slots. 4.additional outside pocket for a phone. 5.Medium size pouch supports ipad mini / large size pouch supports full size ipad or standard tablets.

Height 230 mm
Width 210 mm